Railroad tracks…

I was on my way home from the movies one day and had to stop at a railroad crossing. A train was coming, the bars were down, you all know how it is. You get to sit there for an interminable amount of time while car after car flies by at speeds that will dizzy you if you try too hard to watch.

So I was sitting there, waiting, trying not to watch the cars, and I happened to glance up. There, above the tracks, a sign was hanging. Do Not Stop on Tracks. Hmm…

Now, obviously no sane person would purposely stop their car on a railroad track. And if they had for some reason I can’t possibly imagine, they would choose to move the vehicle should a locomotive be barreling toward them. But the problem is, someone, somewhere, created the need for this sign. More than once. Enough times for the powers that be to consider it dangerous enough to warn people.

That bothers me. So I thought I’d exploit it for my own entertainment.

I have made it my mission in life, one of the many missions in my life, to seek out other Do Not Stop on Tracks warnings. Warnings that have no business being warned, warnings that would not exist if it weren’t for the impossibly stupid people who create the need for them. This is the section for the publication of those warnings, so we all can see just how stupid people can be.

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