Cranky Cat

Ever had a watch that just stopped working?  Sure, the battery goes dead, you go buy a new one, and presto, it works again.  Or you shove it in a drawer until you feel like buying a new one and end up getting a new watch instead.

My mom had this watch awhile back, a Garfield watch, with his arms as the hands.  And it stopped working.  And she shoved it in a drawer.

She was hardcore broken up about that watch, let me tell you.  She’s a rabid fan of that fat cat.  So she swore she’d get out and buy a new battery, but you know how it goes.  She never did.

Then one day she was looking through the drawer, and she notices the watch is ticking.  It’s working.  Perfectly fine.  So she takes it out and puts it on.

A few days later it stops again.  Dead.

She shoves it back in the drawer.

A couple days later she checks it again.  Working.

She puts it back on.  A day goes by.  It stops.

You see where I’m going with this…

Watch batteries don’t recharge themselves, at least not normally, do they?  What about this watch made it so cranky?  So temperamental?  Was it just taking after the cat on its face?  Who knows… All I can say is, technology sucks.

(This was written originally in 2001, the watch worked off and on until Feb 2007… yup.. was cranky for a LOT of years… damn cat)

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