En Masse

En masse

Sometimes stupidity decides to be ambitious and try to take over on a larger scale.  Instead of just one person acting like a moron, entire groups band together, joined by their common lack of basic human intelligence.  They do things and say things and demand things that just don’t make any sense, and they claim to be totally justified.  This phenomena is hereby dubbed stupidity En Masse.

When you’re playing a game or holding a competition, there are generally two possible results.  One of the players can win.  The others, in most cases, have to lose.

When your family is over for Thanksgiving dinner, you tend to eat a lot of food.  As a result, sometimes your pants can start to feel tight.  You undo your belt, and then they are loose.

Lose.  Loose.  Two totally different words, two totally different meanings.  But lately, actually for the past couple years, I see them starting to mesh together.  People all around me, people who claim to be smart, have totally abandoned the word lose.  Instead it’s don’t loose your homework, when did you loose your shoe, it’s not whether you win or loose, it’s… You get the idea.  It happens so much, it’s done so often, by people who should know what is right, that I often find myself checking the dictionary to make sure I don’t loose my mind.  This is stupidity en masse.

Stupidity en masse is all around us.  You don’t have to look very far.  Just turn on the news and you’re likely to find some.  When you do, come up here and share it with me.  This is the place to make them see, or at least to make fun of civilization as a whole.

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