McDonald’s is a symbol in America.  A symbol for family.  A symbol for fun.  Hell, a symbol even for food at times.  Red paint.  Gold arches.  The place to get a Happy Meal.

A McDonald’s local to my home town ran into some trouble awhile back when they painted their outside pink.  Yeah, I know, why in the fink would they paint it pink, but that’s really not the point.  Let me explain what happened.

They painted it pink, and it’s next to the highway.  And this driver, this moron, this guy who couldn’t find anything shiny at the moment, saw the pink Mickey D’s and got himself distracted.  And he hit a car.  And that car hit another car.  And pretty soon several people were pissed.

And he said NO!  Don’t hurt me, it wasn’t my fault!  It’s that damn McDonald’s!  Look at it, it’s finkin pink!

So he sued the food joint and settled out of court, and not only did the pink go bye bye, but the grease pit got closed down too.  At least until it turned into a chameleon and blushed to a more livable shade of red.

Now let me explain how en masse this is.  First you’ve got the guy who thought it’d be nifty to slap pink paint on a McDonald’s.  We’ll call him Oaf #1.

Then you’ve got Mr. Shiny, who’s obviously Oaf #2.

Then there’s the morons who reacted in such a way to the pink arches excuse that Oaf #2 thought he could take the matter to court.  I’m not sure how many morons there were, but we’ll settle for Oaf #3 and Oaf #4.

Throw in the lawyer twisted enough to take the case, he’ll be Oaf #5.

And finally the judge who didn’t throw it out, and not only that but signed a settlement agreement.  He’s totally Oaf #6.

So put the six sickos together, and this definitely qualifies as stupidity en masse.

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