New Users New Computers New Skills by Barbara

Story Submitted by: Barbara

As a Dell telephone customer service tech back in the Internet days … just before & after Windows 95 came out … and everyone was only starting to buy one for every home, it was my job to help home customers determine if they needed parts replaced in their Dell computers and if so to dispatch them and a tech to replace those parts and return the defective parts.

We had to troubleshoot with people who had no idea what they were doing … my customers ran the gamut from:

The lady who could not get her mouse to work right … turns out it would not work correctly because she had it on the floor trying to use it as if it were a sewing machine pedal. By the end of the call, she was learning to play Freecell [and learning to use her mouse].

The small girl child who knew *most but not all* of her ABC’s but could not read anything yet – she spoke some English but was not completely fluent. The computer was in the little girl’s bedroom and the phone was in the living room – she went back & forth trying to tell me the letters on the screen so I could find out what the message was because her father refused to talk to me [he would shout into the phone “NO ENGLISH & talk *little girl’s name*” before putting the phone down or giving it back to the little girl. She did not know what language they spoke besides English. It took several tries for her to convince her father that he needed to speak with a technician that spoke his language and I needed to transfer them and that he needed to wait on the phone … again … for them. Wait times were very long back then. I finally got him transferred to a multi-lingual technician.

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