poltergeist by steven

Story Submitted by: steven

My wife and I had gotten a new dog, named Bodo. He used to race into the house from the yeard and back out to the yard again to do laps. We had a screen door which had been broken a few times by Bodo running into it. The problem was, if we left the door open, Bodo didn’t break it. But then the flies came in. If we closed it, the flies were kept out, but sooner or later Bodo would break it again.

One day, I was working in the living room and I had asked my wife to keep the screen door closed. She walked out to the detached garage to where our laundry room was. I noticed she did not close the screen door. I was filled with a rage for some reason, and in that instance I heard the screen door slam shut. I looked up, sure to find that my wife had come back from the laundry room and angrily closed the door. But no……… I could see that she was still 40 feet away outside in the garage, oblivious to what had just occurred………..

Strange things happen in this universe.

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