Push of a Button


This is a phone.

Simple.  Easy to use.

Push some buttons, call goes through, people you need to talk to answer.

That is, if technology didn’t suck.

I had a phone, not the one pictured above, but one fairly similar to it, and one day it decided it didn’t like me any more.  That’s right, that’s what I said, it didn’t like me any more.  And it liked the rest of my family fine, it liked guests and strangers fine, it just didn’t much care for me.  So to show me how much it didn’t care for me, it started playing tricks on me.

Tell me again how to use a phone… Push buttons, the call goes through, people you need to talk to answer.  Simple.  Easy to use.  This is a phone.  Until the buttons stop doing what they’re told.

I called a number one day, I was calling the local TV station, and the call went through, and someone picked up.  Hello, they said, which was odd since I was calling a business, not a home.  Usually businesses answer with their names.  So I asked if this was News 10 NBC, and the person said I had the wrong number.


So I dialed again, and I got a different person.  And they also said hello.  So I asked if they were who I was looking for, and they said no, I had the wrong number.


So I dialed again very slowly, checking each number as it went in.  And someone new, a third person answered.  And they also said hello.  And I asked if they were the right number, and they said no, they weren’t.

I had someone else dial for me, and the call went through perfectly fine.

And that miffed me off a bit.

Eventually I worked out that every time I dialed *four* the phone dialed something else entirely.  I don’t know what, a random number, and only when it was me.  So I worked around it, and the phone got pissed.  Then the six stopped working, and later the five, but still only when the dialer was me.

I have a new phone now, and it’s perfectly fine.  But I always make sure I’m nice to it.  Cause if you piss off your phone, it can be a real pain in the finkster.

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