Review by Karla

I recently received the book Weirder than Marshmallows to review and can highly recommend it. It reminds me of the books that kids love – Goosebumps, but even better it is true stories. It reminds me a lot of the show 100 Ways to Die or the World’s Dumbest shows that are currently on television. It’s currently available in Kindle format.

My son is looking forward to reading this book next. I love when kids get excited about books and spend their time reading instead of in front of the television or playing computer games. My middle son is great about taking a book everywhere! This book is filled with great non-fiction stories that will make you stop and think.

Technology sucks is my favorite. Of course my second favorite is Do Not Stop on the Tracks. Have you ever wondered why there are warning signs – like Do not Eat on the packet of chemicals in new products (Did someone think their bag came with a free set of chicklets), Do not use as a hedgetrimmer (Hmmm I think I’ll lift my push mower to trim these hedges), or Do not use in the shower (Electricity and water do not mix!) The really great thing in this book is that these are all true stories, though many times you have to wonder what would cause someone to think (or not think) that this activity was a good idea.

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