Review by Zabrina

My opinions of the book:
First of all I want to say, I absolutely loved this short book. I laughed so hard at some points. I am sure there are those who would not like the profanity through out, but I am open to however someone wants to express their self. I found myself chuckling and enjoying the humor he found in the situations. I also enjoyed the situations that were true to life, about Daniel’s feelings and outlook on certain things. There is definitely a great message through even the sarcasm. It is truly sad that his life was cut short, and we are unable to receive more writing from him. I recommend this read to anyone of a mature nature that would be understanding to the sarcasm, not offended by a few cuss words, and willing to be open minded.

I definitely will be looking forward for more of his writing being published, as well as anticipating it. This is a short book of really random thoughts, that actually we all think about I am pretty sure. Plus, he vents his feelings about certain subjects, and in the end still appreciates every minute of life. I also like at the end there is an appendix with some writing from his last semester at college before he passed, I really enjoyed his thoughts on what he had learned, and how it made him feel. I also enjoyed the second appendix showcasing some of his favorite quotes, I myself write a little, and love quotes, some of his favorites are mine also. I believe if you are looking for something different to read this is the book for you. Once you start reading it you won;t be able to put it down, you want to see what he had to say next.

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