Review of Weirder Than Marshmallows – Katie


I may not find marshmallows weird, but then again, maybe I just never really thought about them all that much. I usually just eat them. Dan Fogg, on the other hand, has thought about them and finds them to be weird. He explains why in “Weirder Than Marshmallows” which is a collection of his essays.

The book, however, is not about Marshmallows. It is about things that Dan finds even weirder than marshmallows.

He divides the stories in to 5 categories:
DO NOT STOP ON TRACKS – showcasing warnings that should never have to be warned. (You know you have seen these signs and pointed them out to your friends and had a good laugh about them!)
EN MASSE – contains stories of mass ignorance.
TECHNOLOGY SUCKS explores the hazards of the technological age. (Dan comments that you need a degree in order to use some technology. I was about to protest this and then I realized I have an engineering degree so I guess that’s why technology works for me – most of the time, anyway)
THAT’S JUST FREAKY features Twilight Zone like tales of paranormality. (Those things that just can’t be explained any other way!)
WEIRD STUFF is stuff that is well, weird.

This book is a quick read and pretty amusing. I’d definitely give it 4.5 – 5 stars. After the 5 sections mentioned above, there are some musings about life and things in general that are tacked on to the end of the book. Almost every essay I was able to relate to in some way – most of them because they were rants that I have made to friends and family and coworkers in the past. (Especially loose vs lose!)

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