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Weirder Than Marshmallows is a collection of short essays based on the musings, and humorous observations of the author. He begins the book by stating, “Ignorance, lack of common sense, and downright inhuman stupidity run rampant in this country and around the world. I watch people, and I hear stories, and they beg, beg, beg to be mocked and ridiculed.” I couldn’t agree more. I laughed out loud when I read the section of the book entitled, “En Masse.” It talks about how one person after another can repeat the same mistake, such as a spelling error.
When I think of this book, I think of one word – irreverent. Dan Fogg uses his unique sense of humor to poke fun at the things that some ignore, and others are appauled by. He sees things as they are, in a tell-it-like-it-is approach, and he doesn’t hold back! He points out the hilariousness of many situations, in which others might take offense. Dan Fogg lived his life to the fullest by seeing the humor in life’s every day situations.

Aside from the humor in this book, the author has an important message about people with disabilities. He shares his experiences as a disabled person. He did not want to be set apart from the crowd because of his disability. When we treat people differently, whether in a positive or negative way, we are pointing out their differences. It is important that we treat each other as equals in every situation.

I thoroughly enjoyed this quick read. I read the book in about an hour. When I read it, I was an idiot and didn’t read the introduction that said this author had passed away. At the end, I was sobbing like crazy because I knew there probably were not going to be any more books published by this young author. I am glad that I was lucky enough to have read his work because it reminded me that just because a person may be physically disabled, they may not be mentally. Theya re just like everyone else.

This book would be a great present for anyone, including yourself! Add it to your wishlist, or purchase it now.

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