Spacial Relocation

MCC Front

Monroe Community College. A small college in upstate New York filled with astoundingly cool professors. I did my two years there before NYU, and it’s truly a wonderful place. But something about it’s a little freaky.

This is the outside of MCC.


It looks normal, right? It is, for the most part.

For the most part.

This one day, fairly warm, I’m waiting to meet Mom and the brother. They’re picking me up from class at 3:00. So three rolls around, and I go outside, and they’re not there yet. Mom’s usually (always) a little (incredibly) late, so I go back in and wait.

3:15. I go outside. I scan the parking lot. Nothing.

I wander around a bit, killing time, knowing they’ll be there eventually.

3:30. I go outside. I scan the parking lot. Nothing.

I go inside and wait. I look up at the ceiling and wait. I look outside and… wait, they’re there.

I go out and meet them and they ask me where I’ve been.

Here, I say, waiting for you.

Nut uh, they say, we’ve been waiting for you.

Well I’ve been checking since three o’clock, and you haven’t been around…

Not true. We’ve been here since about ten after. You must just not have seen us.

The view from the entrance to their parking spot.


The view from their parking spot to the entrance. Up there at the top of the ramp.


So here’s the thing… If I came outside and looked right where they were parked, and they were sitting there watching for me, but I didn’t see them and they didn’t see me, then where was I and where were they?

Now it’s quite possible they were lying through their teeth, but when that happens my brother is usually less than adamant. He’s very adamant that they were there. And I know I was there. So bottom line… that’s just freaky.

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