Stand Clear

Ever seen a wheelchair get into a van. It works like this…

There’s a lift…

Lift Closed

And it opens…

And then it lowers down to the ground, the chair drives on, it goes back up, the chair goes in.  And the lift folds back up.

Fairly simple, right?  Right.  But there’s a hidden danger you may not see.  It’s tricky.  It’s subtle.  It’s easy to be hurt by.

When the lift is unfolding, it’s very important that you STAND CLEAR.

See if it unfolds, and you’re standing in front of it, the thing will whomp you on the head.  Get it?  It unfolds.  It comes down.  It’ll whomp you right on the noggin.

Good to know for future reference, but don’t worry if you forget, most of the lifts have a convenient warning label.  Right on the underside of the lift itself.  Picture of the grating.  Dude standing in front of it.  Big old red circle with a slash through it.

Once again, lives are saved.

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