Technology Sucks

Technology Sucks

Technology has become the basis of our civilization.  Computers, cell phones, copiers and the like are no longer optional, they’re mandatory.  Someone asked me the other day where she could fax something to me.  Not if.  Where.  If you’re planning on going anywhere in your life, technology is coming along for the ride.

But technology didn’t begin with the Atari and Commodore 64.  Computers and video games are high-technology, the pinnacle of the field, but we tend to think of them as the entire field.  We forget about electricity, cars, refrigerators, indoor plumbing, all the things that really are civilization as we know it.  That’s all technology, too.

What’s my point?  Technology is life.

Life sucks.

The problem with technology is you need a degree to understand how it works.  You can turn things on, use them, maybe even fix minor glitches.  But to really understand them, you have to be trained, and even then they’ll still manage to fool you.

The things technology does can’t be explained.  I stopped trying a really long time ago.  Computers break down for absolutely no reason, then come back on of their own free will.  Refrigerators stop refrigerating, automobiles stop mobilizing, lights stop lighting, and nobody can figure out why.  We don’t try.  If worse comes to worse, we get ourselves a new one.

Technology sucks.  This is the place to tell us all why.  What’s your car done to you that you just can’t figure out?  What appliances do you have that only work when they feel like it?  What does your television do if you turn it on too fast?  All these things are stories I want to hear.

Technology will always suck.  We may as well get a laugh out of it.

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